The Hub


MAIOA, pronounced [m-ai-oa] is a creative lil space for us to connect through *both* work and passion. In 2018, at least in my industry, those things are no longer separate. This space allows me to write about subjects that have occupied my mind and time as a PR-student, community manager, freelance content creator and overall comms enthusiast.

This idea came about from a combination of my interest in technology (likely amplified by recently reading 1984) and passion for content creation and writing. The future of work is changing, and we have to adapt to new conditions and changes to our industries. This is my attempt to create a hub of content that relates to my industry and career, to make sure that I own and control my own content (as opposed to posting on e.g. Facebook, which as we now know, might not last forever).

I’m by no means an expert of any kind. The content on this page is based my thoughts and interests (unless stated otherwise) that may or may not appeal or provoke. I’m just here to explore, and hopefully, discover where I want to go.

Look, I’m not sure what this is yet but it feels good. If you’re feeling it to, get in touch and let’s do some stuff.


M for MAIOA, or Majlin, Marketing. Mmm…Moscato. It stands for Moscato.